How can we summarize the tone and the structure of the Harry Truman's 1947 speech to Congress?

Expert Answers
dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my opinion, the tone of the speech given by Harry Truman on March 12, 1947 is one of urgency and perhaps (arguably) reluctant destiny. Truman defined his speech within the scope of an extension of foreign policy as well as national security. His appeal to Congress was for financial assistance to Greece in order for the nation to maintain its freedom. Truman's tone of urgency is apparent by the way he constructs his argument; the financial assistance that Great Britain and the United Nations offered to Greece was no longer possible, therefore the U.S. had no alternative but to intervene. According to Truman, the U.S. was the 'last chance' Greece had to secure itself as a free nation.