How can we realate A Streetcar Named Desire to modern society?

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I think that Williams' drama has much in it that relates to the modern setting.  In many of the topics raised in the drama, Williams was ahead of his time for they are issues that we see in society today and still struggle to understand.  In some cases, progress has been made.  Yet, in others, we find ourselves similar to the characters in the poker game, staring in horror at what we see and lacking the collective will to do anything about it.

The issue of mental health is something with which the context of the drama struggles and something with which we struggle today.  Blanche is in need of severe mental care.  She has endured so much and it has had such a profound and destabilizing effect on her.  She exhibits so much of what we would now easily call as "mental health issues."  Yet, she is misunderstood in the drama.  She does not receive much in way of social compassion and understanding.  When she says that she "has always depended on the kindness of strangers," the...

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