How can we protect the geosphere?

One way to protect the geosphere is to reduce the effects of climate change.

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A broad definition of the geosphere is the totality of all the spheres on Earth. The implication is all of the Earth's spheres are interdependent and dependent on the other. We tend to focus on protecting one aspect of the spheres without really considering how each sphere is interconnected. For example, Congress may pass laws regulating the amount of toxic effluents factories can emit into waterways. While this addresses the direct input of toxic materials into the water system and ultimately the oceans, the regulation does not necessarily address the number of toxic chemicals falling into waterways due to air pollutants.

Human production and the interaction of naturally occurring chemical reactions have clearly damaged parts of the geosphere. Looking at the geosphere as an interconnected system is the first start to slowing climate change. The problem is that while many industrialized countries, such as the United States and Europe, are actively addressing, eliminating, or curtailing practices that are harmful to the climate, many less developed nations are not. The atmosphere over one nation is shared by every other nation on Earth. One way to protect the geosphere is to make a concerted effort by all nations to follow a set of preventative and restorative practices with the understanding that climate change is a global problem.

This will require a significant investment in technologies or technology sharing with less developed countries. Addressing climate change to protect the geosphere will require every country to follow the same rules governing production, whether industrial or agricultural. However, individuals may have a better opportunity to influence change and protect the geosphere than the government.

There are hundreds of small changes individuals can adopt that have a significant impact on the geosphere. For example, use less water! Forgo buying bottled water in plastic bottles and drink from a reusable container. Repurpose and recycle. Recycling means you make something new from a product. The problem with much of the recycling effort is that it requires the use of additional resources to recycle. Some recycled products actually use more energy and resources than the original product. Repurposing means you reuse the item differently. An example of repurposing is clothing. Vintage clothing is the style! Rather than throwing a garment away, please give it to someone else to use or donate to the clothing bank.

There are many ways individuals can have a greater impact on protecting the geosphere. You probably are doing some those right now and don't realize it. For example, you may have substituted a lunch box for the paper bags you used to use to carry your lunch in every day that ended up in the trash. One simple act done by thousands of people has a tremendously positive impact on protecting the geosphere.

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