How To Prevent Earthquakes

How can we prevent earthquake?

in this question i am asking ways to prevent earthquake and damage caused by it.

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Earthquakes are catastrophic phenomenon caused by abrupt shifts in the earth's rock along fault lines. There is no way to prevent these occurrences.

There are several ways that we try to minimize the damage to buildings and structures that fall victim to earthquakes, the biggest way is in the engineering of the structures. The biggest threat to buildings from earthquakes is the fact that the earth shifts. Architects and engineers take this into account when designing structures in areas prone to earthquakes. One of the first structural components is to design and build the foundation of the structure so it will "move" with the moving earth. Some sources call this "floating" foundations. Materials are used that have the ability to move ever so slightly, they move or float when the earth underneath is disrupted.

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An earthquake is a disaster that is not preventable and they are beyond the control of man. There are different types of earthquakes such as tectonic earthquakes and volcanic earthquakes. Tectonic earthquakes occur when rocks in the earths crust break apart. Volcanic earthquakes occur when there is volcanic activity.

There are ways to lessen damage that can occur when there is an earthquake. Buildings can be constructed that are more likely to be able to withstand the shaking of an earthquake. Earthquakes can also cause fires and flooding so the damage that they create is not from damaged buildings alone.

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The above answers are certainly correct in terms of out not being able to prevent earthquakes from taking place.  In fact, our ability to even predict them still seems quite primitive.  The most advanced models of earthquake warnings now discussed say they may be able to give us a few minutes warning. And while this is a good thing, it just shows how little we really understand earthquakes in general and what causes them.

One exception though is that it may be actually possible for a human-induced earthquake to occur.  During the Cold War, the Soviet Union experimented with disposing high level radioactive and toxic waste deep into fault lines in the Earth.  Scientists noticed a marked uptick in tremors, and theorized that they were essentially lubricating sliding tectonic plates.  So we can prevent extra Earthquakes perhaps by not injecting waste into the fault lines.

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There is no way to prevent earthquakes from happening.  Since they are caused by the movements of plates that make up the Earth's crust, they cannot be prevented by any means that human beings now have available to them.

What we can do is to try to make earthquakes less damaging.  Countries that get a lot of earthquakes and are relatively rich have building codes that require buildings to be made in ways that allow them to survive earthquakes.  The main way of doing this is to require that the buildings be made so that they can flex and twist in earthquakes.  Buildings that are stiff, no matter how strong, are much more likely to break when stressed by an earthquake.

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