William Lloyd Garrison

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Discuss the manner in which "To the Public" by William Lloyd Garrison can be presented.

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I think that one of the most effective ways of presenting Garrison's editorial would be that it is a passionate defense of freedom.  At a time in which so many people were searching for political solutions to the issue of slavery, seeking to develop permuted compromises to the issue, Garrison's editorial can be presented so openly as one of conviction.  There is a purity of intent in the editorial.  Garrison makes no apologies for his position.  When he demands that he "will be heard," it is clear that the conviction in Garrison's heart is one in which abolition of the slave condition is the only element that will please him. Presenting this as a clear statement of conviction is where the editorial occupies importance in the American pantheon of writing.  There is a clear conviction in the editorial that slavery is a moral wrong and justice can only be done when it is fully abolished from the American landscape.  Presented in the context of the slavery issue of the time period where so many solutions called for negotiating it away, Garrison's work can be presented to show how there was absolute conviction that was both a part of its time period and yet simultaneously transcended it.

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