How can we make use and handling of all chemicals safe?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Handling dangerous goods safely is a matter of setting up strict handling procedures and ensuring that all people with access to those goods follow procedures strictly. The degree to which substances must be contained and the specific manner of handling depend to a great degree on the substance, the environment, and the people involved. For example, in a home environment with young babies, even vitamin tablets and dish soap must be kept out of reach as a baby can die from consuming them (and babies tend to chew on everything). Items like plutonium need to be kept under very strict controls with access only by people with high security clearances and careful documentation of each person who uses to materials. For the chemicals in school labs, you need to grant limited access to students but make sure that students cannot use them for unintended purposes or remove them from the lab. You need adequate ventilation and good disposal procedures.

cassielargy | Student

Were safe clothing and follow strict guidelines on handling dangerous chemicals.

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