How can we link conflict theory to child poverty?  

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Conflict theory is one of the main sociological theories. According to this theory, society is in a state of constant conflict because the elite try to maintain power and their share of resources by oppressing those without resources. This theory explains the existence of childhood poverty because the wealthy in society take far more resources, leaving little for the poor and the children of the poor. For example, the wealthy live in areas with better schools or send their children to private schools, and the society invests little money in improving education for poor children. In addition, the children of the poor cannot generally access high-quality medical care and other resources that improve their chances, and this situation perpetuates poverty. The elite class is not invested in changing this situation, as they hope to maintain a hold on the society's resources to help their own children.

Conflict Theory is a term coined by Karl Marx to explain that society is always in conflict...

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