How can we learn difficult subjects in an easy manner?

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Start by analyzing when and how you are studying. At what time of day or night are you most alert and able to concentrate? Do you have an area dedicated to studying that has the tools you need close at hand and that does not have distractions close by? What is your learning style - do you learn best by reading, hearing, drawing? The answer to this question should help you determine the kinds of activities that will help you learn and remember the information you are studying.

If social studies is your hardest subject, study it when you are most alert and ready to focus. Use any help that your textbook or other materials might give to help you organize the information in ways that fit your learning style. If you learn best by seeing patterns, write or draw charts or posters or timelines of the section titles and headings into an outline of the important points in the lesson. Use different colors of highlighters to separate different topics to help you keep related material together in your memory. If it helps you to hear things, read aloud - the whole section, your class notes, the outline you have created. Record your reading so you can hear it again. If you have access to a recording made by your textbook or teacher that you can hear online or on iPod or other device, take advantage of this. If it helps you to have note cards with questions on one side and the facts to answer the questions on the other, make yourself a set and ask someone to quiz you with them.

Some of the answer to your question depends on you figuring out what is the easiest way for you to learn, then finding ways to adapt that learning style to the material you are learning.

johncyjohn | Student

Tips can be helpful only if you put the tips into practise even if it is difficult to follow.So,try to make use of these tips also.

Have a seperate,cool & silent place to study.

Have regular timings (eg 5 o clock to study the hard subject)dont compromise anything for it.

Make use of the text properly

Study the matters by drawing it as pictures by the side of the text.

Take down important notes and years to be remembered in greeting cards & invitations. Study it when you have time.

Ask your friends also to have such greetings exchange it. do it in a group.Have a friendly quiz in that area.Encourage others to answer  by which you will find it easy.


richieb97 | Student

we can study our subjects in an easy manner by studying the main concept which is in the subject.

That lessens our stress, confusion and tension about exams...

Dude.. just go on the subject don't try to memorise... u should memorise the items like formula's etc. concept based learning is important...

That is why many patterns are involved.. Like C.C.E-Continous Comphrehensive Evaluation by C.B.S.E ..

So these days it is very easy to study and ur mainly concerned about SOCIAL SCIENCES... so it is the easiest one if u follow my advice.. jus gain what is in the lesson .. and u can put it in the exam in ur own words