How can we interpret the ending that can use and be re-used in almost every essay we write?

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I tend to think that the ending to Hamid's work can be "reused" in different lights because it can be seen in different ways.  Hamid's ending is one in which the manner of viewing that the reader holds is directly dependent on how the ending is understood.  For example, if the reader believes that the threat of terrorism is a significant one, then the ending is confrontational between Changez and the American.  If one believes that such differences can be overcome, perhaps the ending is viewed differently.  The ending can be reused as a reference point precisely because our viewing of it is dependent on our predispositions about how terrorism and fundamentalism are viewed.  The ending is more of a looking glass, reflective of the reader and the world in which we live.  It is for this reason that it can be reused.  When we "reuse" it, this means that it can be revisited in different ways and seen in different lights because the perceptions that temper it are precisely what the ending reevaluates and examines.  It is to this point that the ending can be reused in writings that seeks to analyze the different points of view that emerge from it.

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