How can we improve the way reality TV shows exploit people and manipulate viewers ?How can we improve the way reality TV shows exploit people and manipulate viewers ?

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is hard to tell from your question if you wish to help the reality shows improve or help the participants and viewers who are being exploited and manipulated.  I'm going to go with the second guess.

I am someone who does believe that reality shows manipulate their participants through editing.  I also think they will continue to do whatever they need to, to boost ratings.

The best solution therefore is to make sure ratings don't go up.  First, stop watching the shows.  Second, stop supporting the advertisers who support these shows.  If you want to take it a step further, write to the advertisers rather than to the show - and explain to them why you will not be buying their product as long as they choose to support whatever show you think is wrong.

Several years ago I participated in a campaign similar to this.  *I cannot even remember what the name of the show was now...  Anyway, an email was circulated with the contact information of all the show's advertisers (many were an email contact) and a sample contact letter was included.  I wrote to all of them.  Several responded personally.  Ocean Spray even thanked me by sending me an envelope full of coupons for free juice!

Perhaps your final step could be to start a similar campaign against a particular program.  The most important thing to remember in a project like this is to have a very specific reason WHY you are boycotting the show and its advertisers.  Keep it simple, respectful, and to the point.


Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are some premises within the question that might have to be examined.  The first would be whether or not reality television exploits people.  Some would argue that it does, while others would argue that it does not because individuals choose to be a part of this "discourse."  Reality television is something of which individuals elect to become a part.  The manipulation of viewers might also be something where there is great discussion, also.  Individuals can choose to watch it and spend their time absorbed in reality television drama.  This might be where one can find the greatest amount of change.  If people choose to not watch reality television, it will go away.  The individuals in the position of power seek to make money and generate revenue.  This goes away when individuals choose to no longer watch particular shows.  If it turns out that we wish to minimize the presence of reality television, it might be through people voicing their own opinion and making a conscious choice to no longer watch such programming.

simk15 | Student

No,the reality shows do not exploit people and manipulate viewers...

Its the reality one has to face it one day or the other..

We can not run away from the reality...

But yes there is also a dark side...

But still,i prefer that reality show does not harm us in any way..!!

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