How can we diagnose pathological conditions through ultrasound?

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• Ultrasound diagnosis

 Tissues that are crossed by the ultrasonic beam have special acoustic properties, producing different absorption and reflection of ultrasounds. Thus, ultrasounds are useful in the detection of foreign bodies in body or in determining the size of organs.

• Ultrasonography in ophthalmology

No other body is not so easily accessible to ultrasonic beam examination than the eye, because the investigation is not disturbed by neighboring tissues, which would give an unfit echo to ocular globes. For diagnostic, ultrasound is currently used to determine distances in the eyeball, the diagnosis of tumors, retinal detachment, the establishment of bleeding, the location of foreign bodies.

• Ultrasound in neurology

Another area in which ultrasounds has become a very useful method  to explore, is the central nervous system. The ecoencefalographics investigation is based on property of ultrasound beam to cross the brain weight and to be reflected. Medical specialist during establishing a disease  diagnosis, investigates the position of normal echoes and the existence of additional echoes.

• Ultrasound in internal medicine

The development of ultrasound, it became possible for the oscilloscope screen to pop up  cross-sectional images of tissue studied (liver, gall bladder, thyroid, etc.). Another important role of ultrasound consists in the help brought to doctor that drive tumor irradiation  with gamma radiation, to determine the exact shape and size of the tumor, with the purpose of radiating it. This can protect other vital organs around the tumor of useless radiation.

• Ultrasound in Cardiology

Anatomy and physiological features of the heart cause a series of mechanical phenomena which are repeated with each contraction and relaxation. Examination of the heart movements is achieved by short pulses of ultrasound that are reflected on the wall of the heart. Signals are amplified and viewed on a cathode ray tube screen.

• Ultrasound therapy

Physical therapy with ultrasound is based on their physiological actions, which consists in mechanical effects, thermal, chemical. Because of these effects,tissue are driven mechanical,  in the form of''internal''micro massage and heated, suffering chemical reactions, favorable to the body.

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