How can we compare Swift's Gulliver's Travels and Nineteen Eighty four?

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These are two very different stories that were written in very different times. Both of them focus on many different themes throughout their stories. The easiest way to compare these two stories would have to be a focus on the fact that they both center around social and political critique. Each one does this in its own particular way. 

Swift has Gulliver travel to other lands and meet strange new groups of people like the "Lilliputians" and the "Brobdingnagians" to make his satire and point concerning the short comings of society.

Orwell uses one world, that of Big Brother. He creates a world that shows all the worst possible future outcomes as the political scene has spun out of control and the people are manipulated through the use of fear and hate.

Both of these stories criticise society and politics. However, each one goes about accomplishing this by using a very different but effective method that has made each a classic in literature.

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