How can we compare Eliot to Joyce, to Orwell, and to Beckett?

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Compare Eliot to Joyce

Eliot and Joyce compare favorably in that each was innovative and experimental, bringing new styles or forms to English literature. They contrast in that Eliot was prolific in universal themes, writing extensively in criticism, drama and poetry, while Joyce produced a small body of work in short stories, novels and poetry, writing in an expository manner on highly personal themes that he sought to universalize. Another point of contrast is that Eliot was respected by publishers whereas Joyce battled with publishers. The reasons behind this difference relating to publishers is primarily (though perhaps not exclusively) that Eliot was an elegant writer who, according to his literary aesthetic, bent classical literature to serve a modern purpose, whereas Joyce was profane to the point of fighting court battles against profanity charges.

Compare Eliot to Orwell

Eliot and Orwell employed different writing styles. While both were essayists (with Eliot also being a critic,...

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