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how  can we  boost our immune system?

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Our immune system is our bodies' line of defense against any disease. Collectively they perform certain mechanisms in order to detect, remember, combat and locate certain changes in the body. Boosting our immune system also means that we should enhance the capacity of our immune system to protect us from factors that can cause disease in our bodies. 

There are things that we should adopt in order to maintain a good working immune system.

1. Manage your diet - Have a good and balanced diet so as to fuel your body with necessary materials that your cells can use in fighting pathogens

2. Maintain a healthy weight - too much is not healthy. Increased fat in our system promotes inflammation in our tissues. Being too skinny on the other hand can weaken our organs because of limited supply of nutrients. 

3. Get adequate sleep - enough sleep can make your body regains its vigor for the next day's activities.

4. Exercise regularly 

5. Remove the stress in your systems - do not worry too much on things that are unnecessary. 

6. Do not smoke - smoking can increase the amount of toxic substances in our body that can cause damage in our cells. 

7. Prevent diseases to come - practice yourself to be clean as often as possible. 

8. Get regular medical test or screenings.

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