The Great Gatsby Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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How can we argue that The Great Gatsby is a book about a particular region in America?

The Great Gatsby is arguably a book about two particular regions in America: glamorous and fast-living New York and the honest and hardworking Midwest.

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The regions on which Fitzgerald focuses most of his attention are New York and Long Island, the story's physical setting, and the Midwest, which emerges as an important symbol. Ultimately, the East is indicted as a place incompatible with Nick's way of thinking and valuing.

It is clear by the novel's end that Nick finds New York and Long Island as morally bereft landscapes. By the end of the summer he has ceased to be dazzled by grand mansions, fashion, bootlegged alcohol, and the lure of riches to be made on Wall Street. He is able to cut through the glamorous facade of wealth and privilege and see the moral vacuum that the Buchanans...

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