How can we analyze the poem "A Far Cry from Africa" by post-colonial criticism approach?

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Post-colonial criticism does not necessarily seek to approach a work from the "opposite" viewpoint to what might be traditionally considered, but it does consider the work against the backdrop of the colonial society it reflects, taking into account elements such as power dynamics, cultural interaction, and political context.

"A Far Cry from Africa " is particularly concerned with cultural interaction between the colonizing and the colonized cultures, with the speaker expressing the impossibility of separating his African identity from his white identity. As a mixed-race individual, he represents the uncertainty and insecurity of colonial rule: "poisoned with the blood of both," he feels he can neither "face such slaughter and be cool," nor "turn from Africa and live." The speaker's dilemma reflects, in microcosm, what has been done to the colonized nation. It can no longer go back to what it was before it was invaded, nor can it continue easily side by side with the culture imposed upon...

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