How can we analyse the character of the lawyer in "The Bet" by Anton Chekov?

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Since "The Bet" is told from a third-person, limited point-of-view, we never fully understand the thoughts of the lawyer. And that is likely intentional, since his actions from within confinement seem to bewilder those around him over the span of 15 years. Here's what we do know:

He may be a bit arrogant—or maybe ignorant. The original term of the bet is to confine himself for 5 years in order to prove that any life at all is better than death. However, the lawyer quickly increases the terms to not 5 but 15 years of confinement for the same amount of money. Since he has nothing more to gain but 10 additional years of his young life to lose, this is likely attributed to the pride of young adulthood. Or perhaps it reflects that he didn't fully understand in his youth how much living he would miss over those additional 10 years.

The amount of money is a staggering proposition and one that would be difficult to turn down. It's important when reading these types of stories which hinge on...

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