How can I turn "The Ransom of Red Chief" into a 6-stanza poem?It has to have a exposition, rising action, climax,falling action, resolution, an the last stanza has to explain the irony.

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Retell the story as a poem! If you follow the plot of the story and just put it into poetry, you will have the rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, etc.

I'll get you started - I am writing in the persona of Sam:

The Ransom of Red Chief

It seemed like a good thing, but wait till I tell you, it really turned out not so well

My friend Bill and I had a plan to get money, but we picked "the young child from hell"

We thought we would snatch him, then ask for money, oh his dad was rich - that was true

But this kid was crafty and right from the start, we soon learned what we had to do

We rented a buggy, we bought tons of candy, we hoped that this would do the trick

But that kid was crazy, he fought us, he screamed, he hit my friend Bill with a brick!

You get the idea, now finish it! The irony at the end is that even though the two crooks try to capture the boy and hold him for ransom, at the end, they cannot get rid of him quickly enough, so that last lines (irony) could be:

Oh how could this happen? This kid's a disaster! He now thinks that WE are his buddies!

We'll bring him back home! Please, take him, his father! Why, we'll even give YOU some money!

Good luck.