How can I turn my sentence into a complete paragraph? that includes a topic sentence, supporting sentences with transitions, and a conclusion ???? We should go roller skating.Trust me you'll...

How can I turn my sentence into a complete paragraph?

 that includes a topic sentence, supporting sentences with transitions, and a conclusion ????

We should go roller skating.Trust me you'll have fun! We will only skate for a while and then if you want to keep going we can! I promise it will be a blast!


Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Essentially, you are trying to persuade your friend that roller skating is a great diversion, an enjoyable activity.  So, look at reasons why going together to roller skate would be fun after writing a topic sentence that declares that roller skating is an activity that is exhilarating and beneficial. 

Then, develop the two ideas [exhilirating and beneficial] with reasons why this is the case.  Use transitions such as the ones of order:  first, second, then, finally  or words such as one reason whyanother reason that

e.g.  One reason that roller skating is fun is the exhilaration that a person feels when he/she speeds across the rink on wheels, extending his life past the limitations of just being a pedestrian who must place feet on the floor or pavement.  Now, he/she is a "human moped."  [Always use figurative language in your descriptions as they give life to what you write.]

After you have supported with reasons your topic sentence, conclude by summarizing:  There is no doubt that roller skating is a pleasurable experience because whisking around on wheels is exhilarating, and doing this with friends who will race with others is not only fun, but good exercise.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This can be expanded into a variety of directions.  The previous thoughts were well stated.  In expanding off of this, you could certainly amplify the idea of the fun in roller skating.  What exactly causes such a reality to be fun?  Where would the fun be present in such a situation?  The other part where I think much could be done would be in the notion of trust that seems to be implied towards the end.  The idea of being able to trust another that something shared will be fun could be a realm where you could develop more ideas and more sentiments in a thorough and complete manner.  This could not only form a paragraph, but a longer piece where the two people are explored and delved into through detailed analysis.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Looking at what you have already written I think that all you are really missing is transitions and perhaps a few details.  I would write this paragraph like this:

I think it would be great if we went roller skating.  Roller skating is really fun because you can .... (fill in why it's fun... I don't know, I've never done it).  I'm sure you'll think it's fun, but we'll just plan to go for a little while.  If you like it, we can stay longer.  I promise, it will be a blast!

This way, the sentences are somewhat more connected to each other and there are (or will be) more details.