How can treating people with respect prevent fighting? 

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Treating people with respect can prevent fighting.  When people are respectful towards others, there is a greater likelihood that a civil conversation can occur.  People are more likely to be willing to sit down and listen to another person’s point of view, even if they disagree with it, if they are treated respectfully. It is very unusual for a person to want to fight unless there is a reason for doing so.  When people believe their viewpoint or voice can’t or won’t be heard, they are more willing to resort to violence or fighting. Most of the time, all a person wants when there is a disagreement is to have his or her viewpoint heard in a respectful manner.  If the final resolution isn’t what the person wants, if they feel they have been heard and dealt with fairly, they are more likely to accept whatever decision is made. They may not agree with the decision, but they will be more willing to accept it if there is respectful dialogue. Respect always trumps fighting.

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