How can I think of a good attention grabber for my To Kill a Mockingbird essay about growing up?I will be writing about how Jem, Scout, and Boo Radley mature throughout the book.

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If by "attention grabber" you refer to what journalists call "the hook" or what essayists often call "a motivator," then you may wish to find a short passage in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird which illustrates the ingenuousness of the children in the beginning of the narrative, a belief which they later abandon in their maturation.  Perhaps, the children's superstitions may be your focus for this attention grabber.

Consider, for instance, how in Chapter One, for example, Scout remarks that there is "a malevolent phantom" who lives inside a neighboring house.  The children's superstitious beliefs extend to thinking that walking in the Radleys' collard patch will "wake up the dead." Added to this superstition, there is the children's discussion of Hot Steams in Chapter Four. So, if you peruse these chapters, you can find a passage that you can quote as an opener.  Then, you can write about how the children's maturity effects a change in such superstitious beliefs.  For, at the end, Scout stands on the Radley porch, looking at the neighborhood from an entirely new perspective in which she realizes that many of her childish superstitions and beliefs were immature and incorrect.

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You can talk about the racial segragation that is going on in the book.

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