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How can the youth contribute towards strengthening togetherness in a multicultural society?

One way the youth could contribute towards strengthening togetherness in a multicultural society is through allyship. This is a hotly-contested word. When we say allyship, we mean that you support and promote the interests and well-being of races and cultures different from your own. This should require you to see a person as more than just a symbol of their demographic. You should understand they're a unique, nuanced individual with their own specific goals.

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Young people play a critical role in the future of society. In terms of strengthening multiculturalism, it is crucial that young people educate themselves on the history of other cultures and their importance. If young people understand and respect other cultures, they can spread their ideas and foster widespread acceptance.

If young people take the time to educate themselves about multiculturalism they can strengthen multicultural social ties and increase social tolerance. For example, many medical school programs are now requiring students to take sociology courses. While these courses are intended to promote positive communication with patients, they also expose students to important social information, such as the social construction of race. When young people learn about the way racial and cultural stereotypes are constructed, it can help foster the understanding of togetherness.

Once young people are educated on cultures outside of their own and the histories of cultural...

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