How can the statement "Tragedy is not the only genre in which characters reveal a tragic flaw" refer to Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen?

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Pride and Prejudice is not a tragic novel, as it ends with the protagonist's wedding to a man she loves. Instead, Austen uses satire, a kind of humor in which people's flaws are exaggerated, to point out the tragic flaws of the characters. Tragic flaws are qualities that can bring about a character's downfall.

In Austen's novel, Darcy has overwhelming pride that almost makes his marriage to Elizabeth impossible. He believes that her family is so much lower than his and is so embarrassing that he has to overlook them to marry her. Elizabeth, for her part, is full of prejudice towards Darcy. She is blind to his good qualities and instead for a time believes the evil Wickham , who...

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