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How can a teacher plan a legacy at the start of a teaching career on how they can impact their students, colleagues, and education as they teach through the years?

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What a terrific question!  Several ideas come to mind to be the kind of teacher you want to be and leave a legacy as a teacher.  Dedication to excellence requires time--to stay current with best practices, to continue classes to keep your teaching fresh, and to change your presentations and materials to stay enthused for yourself and your students.  Excellence requires continual conversation with colleagues as most will have something to offer which you've not yet considered.  I believe that it also requires dialogue with students to positively critique your lessons when you have established yourself.  After teaching a unit, suggestions for improvement in either materials used or presentation can make changes for the next year which are invaluable.  Please don't forget that you are working with parents in partnership as you have their most precious possession in your classroom.  Contact them with both positives and suggestions for improvement in your classroom.  Build relationships with your students, meet them where they are in their skills, and help them succeed in your classroom while keeping the standards you have set.  Good luck as teaching is both difficult and the best job I've ever had. 

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