How can a teacher persuade working students and families to coninue their education online in the non-traditional way which is beneficial for them in their situation?

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One highly effective way for a teacher to persuade working students and families to continue their education online in the non-traditional way would be to introduce those students to older students from similar situations who have also pursued a non-traditional higher education and been successful.  Many of the non-traditional college students might be first-generation college students from their families and are unsure of what to expect, so giving them a reference for another student of similar background who could talk them through the process and reassure them would be extremely beneficial. 

One of the biggest uncertainties that many of these students have is fitting the courses into their work and family schedules.  Setting them up with a career path counselor from the college to help them choose the right classes for their degree and schedule would also just reaffirm their decision and give them more confidence that they can complete their course load for their degree.

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