How can I summarize Junot Diaz's "The Dreamer"?

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Junot Diaz's essay "The Dreamer" is an account and reflection upon his mother's experience growing up poor in the rural hills of the Dominican Republic. In the essay, Diaz describes how his mother becomes inspired to be a nurse as a young girl caring for the farm workers in her community. In order to achieve this dream, Diaz's mother would need to obtain a formal education and then pursue her dream career.

However, Diaz's grandmother insists that her daughter must stay home and work the fields like the rest of the family, rather than attend school. Schooling in the Dominican Republic became a requirement, however, for children under the age of 15, and Diaz's mother is determined to attend school and gain her education. Even though her mother faces imprisonment for not allowing her daughter to go to school, Diaz's grandmother attempts to force her daughter to leave home for seasonal farm work rather than attend school.

Defiantly, Diaz's mother drinks from a dirty puddle, becoming sick and...

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