How can the structure of musical notes inspire us? Any help is greatly appreciated:)

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  1. Your question is a little vague, if you are referring to the structure of a composition, then there are several aspects that contribute to the emotional effect it might have on a person. if a piece is soft and quiet it may make you feel sad or thoughtful a strong or raucous piece of music might make you feel motivated to be active or outgoing. The pitches also can effect you. Very high sounds often create a feeling of tension or urgency while lower sounds tend to be more calming.  Try watching a film sometime and then turn off the sound track.You will realize how important the sound is to creating the drama of the story. What is referred to as dynamics in music is very important to the overall effect. Dynamics are how loudly or softly different parts of a piece are played. Often the climax of a piece will be much louder than the rest of the piece. If there are lyrics to a composition the story will help to dictate the musical background and the words might speakto you in an inspirtional way that the music serves to enhance.  Tempo and rythmic elements all play an important part in the impact of the complete package.                 Below I have attached some contrasting pieces that should clearly show how differences in sound can inspire different responses. the first is a pensive solo piano piece by French composer Erik Satie, followed by a documentary of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring and the piece it self and finally a complete contrast with the joyous and irreverent music of Thomas "Fats" Waller that through his virtuosity inspires laughter, movement and pleasure. 
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