How can I write a character analysis for Sister in "Why I Live at the P.O."?

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Also, please check out the free guide on eNotes called, How to Write a Character Analysis in 10 Easy Steps.

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Writing a character analysis is as easy writing any other essay. The first step is to try to think of an attention-getting statement.  Think of something that will grab your teacher's attention and say, "this is an a-paper and I know what I'm talking about." Then add some background information on the story or purpose, always including the author and title ans character that you are writing about. The hard part is the thesis: a central idea about your character expressed as a sentence.

Analyzing the character can be then broken down into three or four paragraphs such as 1) actions that describe who they are, 2) thoughts of the character that describe who they are, 3) thoughts of other people about the character, and 4) dialogue that distinguishes the character from others.

Then write a conclusion about the character. Write something that is not merely a summary of what you already wrote, but something fresh such as your final thoughts of the character, or a suggestion to act a certain way about a character, or what to look for in reading the character, etc.

If you follow the simple pattern, you should be able to write a great essay. 

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