How can I start an introduction for a Victor Frankenstein character analysis essay?

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When you write a character analysis, you want to capture not just the actions the character performs but also the motivations driving those actions. In this case, ask yourself, what is the essential quality that Victor displays throughout the entire novel? There are a few options you could select: hubris, curiosity, ambition, or imprudence, to name a few. Victor is something of a tragic figure, so try to identify what quality makes him both great and disastrous.

Once you decide on the core quality that drives him, find a singular episode that illustrates that quality. Analyze it well, connecting it to the larger character trait you have identified. For instance, one small detail that we learn about Victor's childhood is that he was overwhelmingly curious about natural philosophy from the start, whereas Henry read heroic stories from the humanities. Victor learns how to revive a human body but fails to attend to the human soul. From this, events such as his rejection of the monster when it...

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