How can Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing relate to modern audiences?

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Modern audiences can relate to Much Ado About Nothing because the basic "will they or won't they" love story never gets old. At the beginning of the story, Beatrice and Benedick seem to hate each other, or at least to have a lot of tension. They insult each other both behind each other's backs and to each other's faces, and they both seem rather obsessed with each other. Then the plot begins to unfold: will Don Pedro, Leonato, Claudio, and Hero succeed in their matchmaking efforts? There are hitches and moments of hesitation where it seems like things won't work out, but they do in the end. Beatrice and Benedick are no different from the lovers of many a modern-day story whose long-unresolved tension ultimately works out into a happy relationship at the end of the show or movie.

Everyone enjoys a good love story, or at least most people do. Even if one's name is Benedick or Beatrice, one might eventually conclude that all sexual bravado, drenched in barbed innuendo, is a mere...

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