How can sebaceous glands become clogged?

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Sebaceous glands are very tiny glands that are in the skin and they produce a substance that is called sebum, which is generally very oily. They are located in the epidermis and they are a part of the pilosebaceous apparatus. The purpose of these glands is to provide moisture to the skin. In a way they sort of make us "waterproof." They secrete whole cells that are alive and by the time these cells reach the surface they are dead. During this process they absorb lipds and these substances are what forms the sebum. Sometimes these glands may become clogged or plugged.  This is due to a buildup of sebum in the gland. This causes conditions such as acne.

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The sebaceous glands are glands present in the skin which secrete a substance called sebum. Sebum consists of fat, dead cells and wax. These glands are present in all areas of our skin except in our palms and the soles of our feet.

Sebaceous glands get clogged in a sense when there is an excessive production of sebum by them. As this cannot be secreted at the rate it is being produced, it accumulates in the glands leading to their getting swollen. This is one of the primary causes of acne. Excessive production of sebum can be caused by dietary factors like consuming too much fat and red meat as well as due to hormonal activity in the body.

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