How can I restate my thesis: The media shouldnt criticize Micheal Jackson the way they do.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several ways of phrasing this particular thesis statement, depending on what you are going to propose, what evidence you have, and how you wish to proceed.  One way that you can approach the topic is by suggesting that media criticism of Jackson should be taken in proportion to the good works he did.  Example:  "Effective media treatment of Michael Jackson must balance both Jackson's faults as well as his positive contributions."  Another way to approach it is to argue that that the media is focusing on salacious gossip and the "talk show" aspects of Jackson and little else, if this is your opinion on the subject.  This might be worded such as, "The news media is focused on Jackson's celebrity status as opposed to his value as an artist" or "The media can engage in a more worthwhile pursuit of Jackson's status if they analyze his contributions as an artist." I think it depends on how you wish to pursue the topic and what evidence you have in order to substantiate your claim.