How I can remove temporary files and cookies permanently from my system?

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As for cookies, go to whatever browser that you are using and look for the cookies tab. For example, I am an apple user and I use safari as my web browser. So, I go to (1) safari, (2) there is an option for me to clear the cache and everything else. If I do this, then I erase everything. Your browser may be different, but the principle is the same.

Also there is a preference tab where you can set your computer to never take cookies or ask you when the website wants to give you one.

As for temporary folders, follow these steps. This time I will give you instructions from a PC, to be fair. (1) Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Internet Options. (2) On the General tab, click Delete Files under Temporary Internet Files. That's it!

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If you are using Microsoft windows XP+ addition, then there are three different steps to remove all temp files.

1. First step is to go to the “Run” command - type  %temp% - press enter – a list of files will show up - delete all these files.

Start → run → type %temp% →delete all the files

2. Second step is to go to “search” command and click on all files and folders – Type  *.tmp as file name  and select my computer for ‘Look in’ - now click search – a list of files will show up – delete all these files

start→search→all files and folders → type *.tmp(as file name) → select my computer (Look in) →delete all the files.

3. Last step is to delete prefetch files, you can find these files  from C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch - delete all the files

Now check your systems speed.


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Temporary file and cookies always created on your system when you install or uninstall something and surfing internet. You should always install registry cleaner on your PC to make it free from this which also maintain registry cleaner by removing errors from windows registry. is a good website for downloading registry cleaner

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