How can I relate the story of Mrs. Van Daan to the dentist, Albert Dussel?What do they have in common?

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I would say that they are both very vocal, dramatic, and full of themselves. They both like to be the center of attention and receive presents. Both are temperamental. On the obvious side, they are both Jews, or they wouldn't be in hiding together. Although Albert Dussel moved in later than the Franks and the van Daans, both quickly made themselves at home. Mrs. van Daan is very demanding, especially when it comes to fairly dividing up the best of the food. Mr. Dussel also has a secret stash of food he shares with no one. So, both are greedy, especially when it comes to food. Until Anne played up to Mrs. van Daan as a way to get to know Peter better, both of these adults liked to criticize Anne.