How can I relate Life of Pi to real life?

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Pi Patel finds himself stranded at sea after his family flees their homeland because of political turmoil; his parents's intention is to relocate to Canada. The Patels's situation closely relates to the plight of countless migrants in different parts of the world, many of whom undertake perilous voyages by water in their efforts to seek political asylum or pursue better economic opportunities.

In the first two decades of the twenty-first century, the massive movement of people from North Africa to Italy constitutes an ongoing episode of maritime migration. The large number of departures from Libya to the reception center on Lampedusa, Italy, in particular, has created both a local crisis on the island and an international crisis as the Italian government tries to close the port.

One interesting way to link The Life of Pi to real life is to examine the way in which stories can help people come to terms with difficult life events. In general, most everyone has experience with stories; for...

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