How can the record of a ticker timer be converted into a motion graph?  

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A ticker timer is similar to the old ticker tape machines used to relay the prices of stocks in the stock market.  Instead of using it for stock prices, though, marks are made on the ticker tape to mark the passing of time, usually in seconds.  So, archaic as it may sound, a ticker timer may be used as a "stopwatch" of sorts, to mark the passing of time as a process progresses.  The amount of time may then be used to plot points on a graph of the progress of the process as time advances.  Depending on how fast the process goes, a ticker timer may or may not be the best choice to use in timing the experiment.  If it is a fast-moving process, where divisions of a second would help in the graph construction process, a stopwatch that measures in fractions of a second may be desired.  If the experiment proceeds at a fairly slow rate, however, a ticker timer may be used to mark the number of seconds passing as the process goes forth.

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