How can readers response theory be exemplified through any work of art?Any poem or story about which you predicted something else in your viewsbut now in relation to art.

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Reader-response theory basically argues that anyone's perception of any literary text -- or any other kind of work of art -- is legitimate and worthy of expression. The theory suggests that perceptions are subjective but are not less valuable for that reason. Therefore, reader-response theory can easily applied to just about any perception of anything.

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I guess Reader-Response could be aligned with art based upon the theory of the practice. I think, though, that it would be referred to as art appreciation (?).

Art is not very different from literature. All texts, regardless of genre, is placed on a canvas (writings on paper and paintings on canvas).  Therefore, art can be interpreted in the same way which a literary text is. Art speaks to people in different ways (just as poetry does).