How can the problems of overgrazing be reduced?Talk about disruption of food chains.

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Overgrazing is a phenomenon that is exactly what the term suggests, when land used for pasture and grazing for livestock is overly grazed, resulting in poor vegetation growth.  This occurs because the grass and native vegetation does not have enough recovery time to replenish itself.  This can have catastrophic effects on the ecosystem the land is contained in, resulting in erosion of the land because of a breakdown in the root systems.  Some solutions to the problem of overgrazing would be livestock rotation and the planting of warm-weather grasses along with cool weather grasses.  Livestock should be rotated to other pasturelands to give the vegetation enough time to recover and grow back.  Also, the planting of cool weather grasses will take off the pressure from warm weather grasses and give a longer production period for vegetation to grow.

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