How can a positioning analysis help a marketing manager identify target market opportunities?

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A positioning analysis is a process that uses simple statistics, data, and modeling based on a brand's benefits in order to determine how the consumer market perceives that brand. The ultimate goal is to identify those specific, discerning customers that the brand wants to attract—also called the target market —and ensure that it is delivering on the needs of that market. It's also meant to demonstrate ways in which the brand is different from competitors and whether outside perception is aligning internally with the company's marketing goals.

Marketing managers want to use every tool in their arsenal to determine whether a brand's intended customers are receptive to the brand image. The positioning analysis gives the marketing manager insight through a process called "perceptual mapping." This process involves communicating several things to brand decision-makers through the use of charts, graphs and other visual aids, specifically including what the target market is looking for,...

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