How can poorly designed measures contribute to poor employee performance? Can well designed measures enhance performance?

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Michael Ugulini eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Poorly designed measures (programs, procedures, processes, initiatives, systems) can contribute to poor employee performance. A measure may hinder an employee's performance because it may be at odds with the training the employee received in how to function within the enterprise. This results when a measure is thrown together quickly because of time constraints and the measure does not follow the protocol of the company's Policies and Procedures and corporate Mission.

Another way that poorly designed measures contribute to poor employee performance is when a measure is the right measure, but poorly designed such that the employee has not received training, advice, or information on new physical elements required to advance the new measure to its desired results. These physical elements include computer training on using new hardware and software; the use of new tools, machines and equipment, and the use and understanding of complex training manuals to perform a measure properly. The poor design of the measure is in the accompanying elements that facilitate the smooth, efficient use of the measure.

Well designed measures (as described above) do contribute to enhanced employee performance. Well designed measures are presented clearly, as concisely as possible, and logically to employees. This contributes to employees buying into the new measures faster, and with increased confidence in the measures. A well designed measure includes a statement by the company explaining why the new measure is being implemented and the benefits of it - increased productivity, better products and services, less downtime, and more, as applies to a specific business.

A well designed measure must take into account the abilities of the employee or employees it is assigned to. Employees must be given ample lead time to absorb the intricacies of the new measure. They must be allowed to offer feedback on how to tweak the measure if need be, based on their front line experience in the day to day machinations of the business and their part in the company's processes.

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