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How can a person build good relationships with their superiors? Most job tasks require getting along well with others in the workplace.  It is better if you have built good relationships first. Anyone who wants to achieve career success must have good working relationships with superiors.

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Getting along with your superiors is a matter of balance. Respect the hierarchy of the relationship and try not to overstep your authority. Generally speaking, follow the "chain of command" and adopt a solicitous and respectful manner. This will minimize conflict, but in order to establish strong relationships of mutual respect with your superiors, it's necessary to add a good dose of creativity, assertiveness, and genuine interest to the mix.


Superiors value thier subordinate's resourcefulness, problem-solving, and independent critical thinking skills. The workplace can often be quite hectic, with numerous projects, tasks, deadlines, and priorities. One way to demonstrate your value in the workplace is to anticipate problems before the arise and then prevent those potential problems through your own intiative and resourcefulness. Have a new idea that you think might increase sales or bring shinning PR? Put forth the creative energy necessary to make it happen, and your superiors will likely be grateful for the effort.


Conflict and misunderstanding can be minimized, but they remain and intractable aspect of any working environment. Stay respectful of your superiors, but don't cower to them or sacrifice your dignity. Superiors will respect you if you state your needs in a calm, rational manner. Don't allow the boss to dehumanize your abuse you.

Geniune Interest

Perhaps the most important aspect of getting along with your superiors is to remember that bosses are human, too! Demonstrate authentic concern for the emotional and mental wellbeing of your superiors, and you'll be well on your way to establishing a true bond of mutual respect and care.

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