How can a person adjust their feelings when they are exposed to ideas that challenges how they view the world?  

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since you have placed this in the Religion group, I assume that you are asking about ideas that challenge their worldview with respect to religion.

There are generally three ways that people can react in this circumstance (say, for example, when they go to college and are exposed to new ideas).  First, they can simply reject all the new ideas.  They can hold strongly to their worldview without considering the new ideas.   Second, they can carefully consider all of the new ideas along with their old worldview.  They can then adjust (if they find it necessary) by thinking about what aspects of their worldview are truly central to their religious faith.  They can reject ideas that violate these core aspects of their worldview and accept other ideas that make sense and do not violate those aspects.  Finally, they can simply give in to the new ideas and reject all of their old worldview.  All of these are possible ways to “adjust” to new ideas that challenge one’s worldview.