How can peace, equality and democracy be achieved in countries in the Middle East?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Middle East possesses some 5,000 years of written history, and has only experienced peace for relatively short intervals therein, and has never experienced equality and democracy uniformly across the entire region. Given the current ethnic and religious divisions, it is unlikely that some simple solution will establish peace, equality, and democracy in the region in the near future.

Perhaps the first step towards peace would be some sort of resolution to the question of a Palestinian homeland, as the lack of one has consistently been a destabilizing factor in the region.

The movements of the Arab Spring are towards greater equality and democracy; judicious foreign support for these may have a positive effect.

truthseekah | Student

How can we impose peace, equality and democracy in other countries when we cannot do it in the US? We are the kings of preemptive attacks and war mongering.  A diproportionate amount of minorities are in prison for drug related crimes in relation to the percentage of users to name but just one incident of racial injustice.  And we have a 'corporatocracy' in America where the top 1% enjoy socialism and rule the remainder.  It is extremely hypocritical for the US to tell anyone their government is wrong.

Please disregard if you are not American or British.