How can I pass a test on a computer about the book called "Mexican white boy"

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I assume that you are using the reading program where each book has a computer test to check if you read the book.  My students found that first of all, they had to actually read the book.  Then, make sure you look at any pictures or captions in the book as sometimes a question may come from them.  Next, divide the book into sections, either of 1-10 or of each chapter.  What is the important action that happens, or important decision made, or important character introduced?  Does the main character make an important choice which changes the outcome of the conflict? Does race play a role as Mexican and white boy are usually thought of as very different with different customs.  Know which characters play an important role in the story, how the main conflict turns out, and what happens at the end. If you know the details, the test should be fairly easy.  Being familiar with how the test works also helps.  Don't stress beforehand, but go into the test confident in your knowledge of the book.

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