How can I pass all my classes without putting too much effort in one class and not slack off on the other classes?I am a Hispanic student. For the past 2 years I was in high school I could not pass...

How can I pass all my classes without putting too much effort in one class and not slack off on the other classes?

I am a Hispanic student. For the past 2 years I was in high school I could not pass all my classes. I was failing math and i study hard and I passed but then I was failing English. I do my hardest to pass all my classes with A and B but some how I could never get that. I always have to  1 F. Can you please help?


I dont want to hear you should try your best. Im tired of trying I wonna DO my best.

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Try not to work on every subject at once - you will panic and feel stressed. Instead, think of your assignments like dominoes. Set each assignment up according to priority and deadlines. Then, knock them down one at a time, tackling each one to the best of your abilty in terms of research,accuracy and presentatation. We have a saying 'don't try to eat the elephant all at once - eat it a bite at a time.' Panicking causes stress which can lead to a mental block or writer's block which ends up in a vicious circle as your brain experiences greater and greater difficulty in absorbing information in a stressed state. Get help quickly when you are stuck - don't just shut the book and put it off as that wastes precious learning time. Stay after class and explain your difficulty to the teacher. Be prepared and have the assignment and a notebook with you. The teachers are paid to support you so use them well - ask again and again if you have to,but be prepared to act on their suggestions. Use your local library-they may have a list of legitimate tutors spare moments, read, read, read! Reading is the open door to learning. Read around your subjects as well as set and favourite books. Read more works by the authors you have been set - it will give depth and quality to your opinions and scope which,if supported by relevant quotes from your set texts will add star quality to your essays. Good Luck - you have the right attitude and are on the right track!

lynn30k eNotes educator| Certified Educator

All of the ideas above are good ones, but simply organizing things will help considerably. By that I mean: get a planner. Write down all assignments on the day they are given. For short assignments, first do the one that is due the soonest. For longer ones, use the "monthly" part of your planner. Write down the day the project/paper is due, in a color that will catch your eye. Then, divide the assignment into chunks, and write the day you should have each chunk done on the "monthly" part, as well. Too often, I see kids writing down assignments in the part of a planner that is organized by weeks, and they never see the assignment reminder again. If you make a habit of putting down EVERYthing that is due on the "monthly" part, nothing will sneak up on you. Write down tests and quizzes there, as well....nothing like a test you forgot to study for to take your grades down.

Get a pocket folder for each of your classes, and lable them in big letters on the outside, so that you can keep your work straight. Where I teach, we are on a block system that calls the days Red and Blue, so I have the kids get pocket folders in those colors. The easier you can make things on yourself, the easier it will be to keep up.  Good luck--you can do it!

drmonica eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree strongly with readerofbooks--you want to avoid burnout. You are way ahead of the game by having the desire to improve your academic performance. I am confident that you will be able to reach your goal.

How to approach the goal of succeeding in all of your classes without devoting too much time to one single class at the expense of another? Well, they say the way that you eat an elephant is to take one bite at a time. Break up your daily study time into small chunks divided among each of your class assignments. If you know you have a long paper due in three weeks, make sure you do a little bit every day so that it doesn't creep up on you.

For that one class that is really difficult, whether it is English or math, set aside at least 30 minutes to one hour every single day to spend on that one class. For all of your other classes, set aside a chunk of time, but it might only be 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the specific assignments that are approaching due dates.

Good luck! I know you can do it!

readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The key in my opinion is to work hard everyday. If you try to do a lot in one day, then you will burn out. Moreover, the mind works best when it is exercised everyday, rather than all at once. It is sort of like exercising. You need to work out consistently. Also what helps is that you break up your study during the day.

With that said, you could also try to talk with the teacher. Ask him or her what you could do to improve. Ask that person to go over problem sets with you. Or if there is a particularly smart person is class, ask to study together. Finally, you have the option to get a tutor. In short, ask for help. I think you are on the right track by posting this question on this forum.

Good Luck!

Susan Hurn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Are you still in high school, or have you moved on to college? In either case, consider your class schedule. Are you taking on too much in one semester? I learned in high school and in college to balance my schedule so that all of my classes were not the most demanding ones in terms of being study intensive. Try to work some classes into your schedule that will not require as much homework and preparation as the others. In other words, give yourself a break in how you schedule your classes.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree with the idea that tutoring could help.  If you are having trouble, it may be difficult to just pull yourself out by yourself.  A tutor could help you figure out what your weaknesses are and help you work on them.  If you're still in HS, there might be after school programs, if you're in college, there are usually places you can go to get help.

lrwilliams eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When students are involved in extra curricular activities the biggest thing is to be organized. One of the above posters mentioned getting a planner and writing down all assignments and their due dates. The biggest thing is to not put things off, if you have time to work on something work on it, even if it is only for a few minutes.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Most of the time you will need to prioritize your classes. My suggestion is always to look at what you plan to major in for college. If you are going to be a biology major, don't slack off in math and science, for example. Generally colleges want to see good grades in core classes like math and English.
jesslowe620 | Student

First, I think it is great that you have the motivation to want to better yourself! That is the initial step in becoming a better student. Next, I would sit down and prioritize assignments. For example, if you know the next math assignment is due on Thursday, and it's Tuesday, set a special time each night to do half of the assignments Tuesday and Wednesday. Do not try and get everything accomplished at one time. Having a set schedule each day for getting assignments completed is key. Also, make sure you have a planner to write down all assignment due dates, extracurricular activities, etc. Having a plan is so important to be successful.

I would also vocalize your concern to your teachers. As a teacher, I am always flexible with my students as long as they are showing that they truly care about their grades.

Last but not least, there are a ton of online resources to help you with content you are struggling with (eNotes of course). Many schools have tutoring programs as well so I would definitely look into that. Practice, practice, practice, and continue to work hard and you will succeed!

i have a problem, during my undergraduate Degree, I used to pass with Distinctions, as for Honors this year I've been failing too much, getting 20%, 30 %, I wanted to quit but I couldn't because I want my honors Degree. Now we about to  write exams my predicates range around 40%!!..Can I Still make it? what? can I do to get 60% in an exam, and pass my honors.

arrellbelle | Student

I had to give up a lot of the things I was doing for fun when I was in college like hanging out with friends, relationships, surfing the internet, or going out. College is a crucial time for everyone, especially those who are maintaining scholarships or those who are preparing to go into the medical program, such as myself. Therefore, I had to put in my undivided attention for everything. I try to study as much as I can when I have the time, in the car, when I wake up early, in between lunch breaks, during class when I finish my work early.

Wiggin42 | Student

Time management seems to be a huge issue here. You will have to accept that you need to spend more time in some subjects than others. For instance, I have to spend more time studying math than I do English. Science more than math, etc. Its definitely a hierarchy.

You must study everyday; whether homework is assigned or not. Start with your hardest subject (for me its math) because you will be most alert when you start studying. Take 10 minute breaks between each subject. Move on to next hardest. This way, you will have spent the necessary time on all subjects to ensure the grade you want.

naomypierre | Student

I am having the same issue and i really am trying to find away to get my grades up and able to continue to play basketball but i cant do both its just to hard like i really need some advice please somebody help me.

thank you