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How can one write a descriptive essay on the topic "my first day of college"?

Writing a descriptive essay about your first day of college involves bringing the scene to life for your reader with loads of specific details. Think back to what your first day was like and put as much detail into your essay as possible.

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First things first—let us define what a descriptive essay is. In a nutshell, a descriptive essay is a piece of writing that creates a scene in ways your reader can see, hear, smell, and feel. The goal of a descriptive essay is to make the person reading your essay feel as though they had this experience themselves.

So, in order to get started on your essay, you need to think hard about what your first day of college was like. If it was your first morning waking up in a dorm environment, what did you see out of your window? Was your roommate snoring? Think about what your senses were telling you.

From there, your essay could move on to describe the classes you went to on your first day. Were there lots of students, or were they small classes? What were your first impressions about how different the lecture theaters were compared to classrooms back in high school?

The difference between a good descriptive essay and a mediocre one is the presence of specific, concrete details. For example, instead of saying "I didn't know my way around campus and ended up getting lost on my way to my first class," you could say, "Sweat began to form on my brow as I briskly walked from one building to the next, unsure of where to go. My eyes constantly scanned building names as snippets of conversations taking place between other students walking to class washed over me."

The best advice I can give you for writing this essay is to be honest and to be detailed—rely on your senses. Remember, every essay has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

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