How can one summarize the story of Demeter and Persephone? From The Myth of Demeter and Persephone by Walter Horatio Pater.

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I think that part of the answer here is dependent on the audience.  If one is attempting to articulate the myth's summary to grade school children, I think that this summary will be different than one aimed to a more mature audience.  Additionally, as with all summaries, much of this is going to be contingent on the individual doing the summarizing.  In terms of how one progresses with this task, upon reading Pater's work, I think that some basic questions can be asked.  The first would be what are the essential points that Pater makes in his retelling of he myth.  In identifying what is thought to be essential information from the work, there will be a base from which summarizing can be done.  Additionally, I would pay attention to characterizations in Pater's work that might be different from other renderings of the myth. There are many side characters mentioned in the myth and attempting to figure out which ones need to be included in a summary and which ones can be eliminated for purposes of a summary might be needed.   For example, who is seen in a positive light and which characters are seen in the opposite way?  These are elemental questions that can be developed in the process of composing a summary.

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