How can one start his or her carrier as a motivational speaker?How can one start his or her carrier as a motivational speaker?

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It helps to do something inspirational if you are going to start a career as a motivational speaker. If you yourself are not inspirational, you can go around collecting stories to use in your presentations. Then, start small and begin speaking wherever you can.
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Seems to me that people who end up on the speaking circuit do so because they have a story to tell--they've done something, and they've done so in ways which could inspire others.  They started out doing their "thing" (athletics, business, whatever), overcame obstacles, then other people wanted to hear their story.  That's how it starts.  Going out and talking about doing things without actually having done anyything is not particularly motivational.  I remember being in grad school while working as a full-time teacher, listening to some young classmates who were also doing grad work but had never been responsible for their own classrooms and students.  They constantly griped and complained about the incoming freshmen they were teaching, criticizing high school teachers for doing a terrible job.  They lost all credibility with me; since they'd never done anything in a high school classroom, I had no respect for their opinions about that very subject.  They hadn't earned the right.  Seems like that might be true about this kind of a career. 

I have no idea what experiences you have or haven't had so far in your life, but I think the only way to pursue this kind of career is to do, then speak.  I wish you all the best!

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I think you have to look at the motivational speakers who are actually busy and making money doing exactly that.  Most of them didn't solicit themselves as "motivational speakers."  Most of them, in fact, possibly didn't see it coming at all.

I think the best motivational speakers have typically done something noteworthy (not necessarily on the lines of public speaking) that ended up launching their fame in the world of pep-talks.

The person should write a book.  Become a coach.  Be a teacher.  These are the professions that naturally lend themselves to the outlet of talking in front of people and ultimately motivational speaking.

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As a testament to the career chosen, I think that one should be prepared for a great deal of challenge. Simply put, a career as a motivational speaker is one where reputation has to be a part of the formula. This makes starting out a difficult and challenging process. Yet, I think being able to offer one's services to motivate locally could be a good start. I would advertise in trade publications as well as talk with influential people in the local community about particular strengths as a motivational speaker and then have ready a collection of motivational speeches delivered at different venues. Schools and service organizations might be another set of untapped resources. Being able to establish one's presence on the web will be a part of this as well. Using blogs, glogs, Prezis, and different means of communicating your fundamental message and core values that inspire one's motivational skills will be critical in this process. I think that this is probably where the starting points have to be. It is a challenge, but in the end, everyone can need the services of a good motivational speaker.

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