How can Normal People be analyzed from a Marxist point of view?

Normal People can be analyzed from a Marxist point of view by examining the stark class disparity between Marianne and Connell. Marianne is rich, while Connell is poor. Money becomes a wedge that sometimes drives the couple apart.

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Marx shines a light on class differences, understanding them as more important than race or gender. Where you are on the class ladder—that is, how much money you control—is the key determinant of your outlook on life. Class difference distorts human relationships, according to Marx.

Sally Rooney makes it clear that Marianne and Connell come from starkly different class backgrounds. They grow up in the same Irish town, but Marianne is the rich girl who lives in the big house, and we later find that her family also owns a spacious vacation home in Italy. Connell's mother...

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