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How can nature and nurture influence people?

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The issue of nature versus nurture is one of the most important and long-lasting debates in the social sciences.  This is true because there seems to be so much evidence on each side of the issue.  Let us look at examples of how each of these can influence a person.

For example, we know that the children of well-educated people tend to do better in school.  This may well be an example of the influence of nurture.  Educated people might speak more words and more complex words and sentences to their children.  This might make their children more ready to learn to read at an early age and to comprehend complex texts.  Thus, the way the parents nurture their children impacts their performance in school.

At the same time, however, children of the same parents can have different results in school.  It may be the case that one child is simply born with different talents (one brother might be good at social sciences while another is interested in engineering, for example).  This is an example of innate characteristics or "nature" influencing a person.

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